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              ABOUT US

              Promote innovation made The value of professional achievement

              HOME ABOUT US Company Profile

              Company Profile

              Promote intellectual creation with innovation

              Become the most trusted electronic smart solution provider

              DPT Electronics was founded in April 18, 2014 as a subsidiary of Changxin Technology (Stock Code: 300088). It is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise providing one-stop display solutions and support services for both domestic and foreign businesses. The company in March 2016 in Dongguan City Dalingshan large beautiful village was established in Dongguan city DPT Electronics Co. ltd..

              The company has been working on the innovation of the touch display integrated product technology and technology research and development, mainly producing liquid crystal display module and circuit board components. DPT has always maintained the world's leading edge. In order to continuously update product technology and equipment, DPT invested a lot of human capital support, upgrading equipment and technology to 120 million US dollars.

              The company has special-shaped cutting and special-shaped offset technology, automatic COG and COF help technology, automatic narrow border dispensing technology, special shape and surface bonding technology, AOI automatic detection system and other related process capability. The company's current products are mainly high-end models such as FHD, QHD and so on. Total shipments in 2016 were 66KK, with total exports of US $1 billion 57 million. Of which high-end models account for 69%, the main mobile phone customers are HUAWEI, millet, OPPO, Zhongxing Nubian and other major domestic brands.

              In 2016, DPT was named the top 100 industrial enterprises in Shenzhen and the national high-tech enterprise. The company is actively developing intelligent manufacturing and equipment automation upgrading. The company will take the customer satisfaction as the center, provide competitive manufacturing technology, information, management and whole process solutions and services, and continuously create value for customers. It is DPT's tireless pursuit.

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