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              ABOUT US

              Promote innovation made The value of professional achievement

              HOME ABOUT US Management Idea

              Management Idea

              Management Idea

              Careful study of attentive service

              While maintaining high-speed growth, Dept always keeps clear positioning of enterprises and sticks to the field of manufacturing that DELP is good at. He carefully studies technology, pursues extreme services and provides customers with a comprehensive solution.

              Enterprise Spirit

              Happy work and happy life

              We are committed to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment and mutual respect, provide a good opportunity for the development of occupation staff as well as the platform for self realization, and by maintaining effective communication mechanism and staff contact, let the staff will make a positive contribution to our own and family, enterprise and society.

              DPT has been deeply concerned about the health and welfare of employees, the company sustained profitability at the same time, we strive to improve employee benefits in many aspects, such as promoting recreational facilities and colorful enterprise culture activities, let the staff happy in the work at the same time, enjoy a happy life.

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