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              ABOUT US

              Promote innovation made The value of professional achievement

              HOME ABOUT US Corporate Culture

              Corporate Culture


              Becoming the most trustworthy provider of electronic intelligent solutions


              • Trustworthy

                Provide high quality products, sincere service to win customer long trust, become the choice of customers.

              • Intelligent Made

                It embodies the direction and determination of DPT's continuous innovation and Transcendence on the basis of "manufacturing".

              • Solution

                From manufacturing single products in the past to solving customer problems as core orientation, providing quality products and services as the means, and taking the whole technology plan as a strategy.


              Promoting intellectual creation with innovation to the value of professional achievement


              • Innovate

                It is the soul of science and technology enterprises, and Depp is the key to improving production efficiency and gaining current competitiveness.

              • Intelligent Made

                It is not only "manufacturing", but also expresses DPT's idea of intelligent and intelligent upgrading based on innovation.

              • Professional

                DPT's professional spirit as always in technical innovation, production and training;

              • Value

                To realize the value added to the customer at the same time, it is responsible for the shareholders and employees.

              Core values

              Jingyi professional excellence; people-oriented innovation; honesty and win-win cooperation


              • Professional Excellence

                Jingyi dedication, outstanding performance is the eternal pursuit of DPT. DPT needs to develop performance, return to shareholders and bear social responsibility. This requires DPT special people to have excellent business, always love their posts, and focus on innovation and research and developmen

              • People oriented and innovation

                It is DPT's responsibility to the staff to make people first and develop innovation. The satisfaction of the employees makes the customers satisfied with the products and services, and the satisfaction of the customers promotes the development of the company, thus further benefits the employees. DPT

              • Honest and trustworthy and win-win cooperation

                Honest and trustworthy, cooperation and win-win is DPT's commitment to customers. Mutual trust is the cornerstone of cooperation, and the word "sincerity" is the attitude of DPT for a long time. "Win-win" is to help the customer to realize the value added while realizing self value.

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